BubbaChum™ Signature Bag


BubbaChum™ Signature Bag

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The ONE & ONLY, BubbaChum™ Signature Bag!! This is THE BEST commercial grade bag PERIOD!  BubbaChum™ was designed by Pro Guides for Pro Guides. This bag will last at least 4x's LONGER than any chumbag on the market and it is even Bermuda Chub-Proof! (Still not Shark-Proof;)

Get a BubbaChum™ Signature Bag on your boat, and don't be afraid to "JERK YOUR CHUM!" ®

Design information 

  • 16in opening and 3ft net: Easily holds two 25 lb boxes of chum

  • High Pressure Tubing

  • High Tensile Industrial Netting

  • 6 ft Braided Rope

  • Stainless Steel Rope Swivel for "Clean on the Run" without tangles





Testimonials from Professional Guides

"I've been fishing in Key West, both recreationally and as a light tackle charter Captain, for over 40 years. Over the years I've used many chum bags. And I have found that these are the best value for your dollar. They are simply the best on the market." ~ Capt. Nick "Manetti" Malinovsky, Professional Guide (Ret.), Key West